Review: Jurassic World

Jurassic World is littered with smart ideas on how its genetic oddities can exist in a world marred by consumerism requiring bigger, better thrills, with more teeth. Whatever safety concerns may have arisen from the original films is smartly offset by the opportunity to make money, not least by creating a dinosaur with hybrid DNA, the Indomimus Rex.

Claire (Dallas Bryce Howard, or as Mark Kermode renames her, House Prices Dallas ) is the theme park’s highly strung manager. She happens to share some history with the raptor-tamer Owen (Chris Pratt), a relationship which takes some time to come across due to some less than convincing dialogue. Nonetheless, rescuing Claire’s two nephews inevitably brings them closer together with some interesting inversions of gender roles. Pratt oozes masculinity and screen presence despite no doubt working against many a green screen. Largely built on CGI, there’s no denying that the animals don’t produce the same amazement they once did, not necessarily a product of the increased reliance on digital effects as it is a reflection on the difficulty for filmmakers to appease their own audience. The dino-on-dino action nevertheless has an epic scale. Colin Trevorrow suceeds in making Jurassic World both nostalgic to its original films and forward thinking. Its tension builds organically, not taking itself nearly as seriously as Gareth Edwards’s Godzilla reboot but with just the right amount of silliness and aggression.

Even if the initial thrill of seeing these monsters on screen is not quite the same, its a torpedo of fun with a strange and at times perverse anti-capitalist subtext given the amount of product placement spread throughout. It’s a testament to its own fervent energy and charisma that its a tough enough beast, it can get away with it.


Jurassic World is out now in the UK and US. Rating 12A (UK). Running time 124 mins.

Review by David Rank


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