Review: Blood Cells

Blood Cells is like ambient music. It must be good because so little is happening yet it gets elevated as art. It’s proof that something can be indie, experimental and seemingly character driven and not in the least worthwhile, dull as ditchwater. It’s difficult to provide a plot summary when there’s so little of the stuff. Adam (Barry Ward) is a drifter, drifting aimlessly around the country as he reacquaints with old friends and girlfriends. There’s no point to nothing happening, it doesn’t produce a strong mood or meaning, it’s all completely aimless and frustrating. Like a kickstarted student art film, it might mean to be something deserving with its well framed, dingy landscapes that are clearly trying to say something about Britain and its character, it’s just not clear exactly what that is. Perhaps the most interesting aspect was trying to figure out of whom the film’s leading is so reminiscent. Aidan Gillen. It was Aidan Gillen.


Review by David Rank

Blood Cells is out now in the UK. Rating 15 (UK). Running time 86 mins.


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