Review: Bonobo

A mawkish British sex comedy, without much sex but lots of bums and ‘wobbly bits’ makes for a painful exercise in sexual expression. Judith (Tessa Peake-Jones of Only Fools and Horses fame) is concerned that her daughter has joined a cult, only to discover that she has joined a commune in which all conflict is resolved through having sex, mimicking the lifestyle of the Bonobo monkey. The commune is overseen by Anita (Josie Lawrence), whose loose ideas of sexual expression eventually rub off on Judith who mopishly ponders her own sexuality. Dialogue is delivered with the authenticity of Radio 4 drama and the comedy falls just as placid. Attending a public screening, it quickly became apparent that everyone in the audience knew each other and they were all involved in the film. The audience laughed a lot.


Review by David Rank

Running time 83 mins. Certificate 15 (UK).


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