Review: Interstellar

If cinema is about big ideas and spectacle, Interstellar is pure cinema. Christopher Nolan’s vision is awe-inspiring, spiralling through wormholes, dimensions and fighting against the chief antagonist of time. In a world suffering from a vague crop blight, former NASA pilot Cooper (Matthew McConnaughey) runs a family farm. Humanity has returned to an agrarian society, with consciousness realigned to consider frivolous, technological enterprise such as the moon landings to have never happened. It’s a very inward looking world and it doesn’t look to be lasting long. Cooper is offered the chance to find humanity a new planet in the hope of ensuring the survival of his family and the entire human race.

It’s a remarkably human film considering the hard science being floated around, with time playing a fascinating role connecting and disconnecting characters in frightening, compelling and unique ways. Hans Zimmer’s score is awesome, matching the spectacle’s magnificence awesomely. It is however too loud, with baffling sound-mixing decisions drowning out a tonne of McConnaughey’s southern drawl. The plot can be a little clunky, especially at the beginning. The holes are apparent but they’re mainly unimportant next to some extraordinary uses of science to create tension, back up by beautiful effects. At its best, it’s a transcendent experience of cinema.

Review by David Rank


Interstellar is out now. Running time 169 mins. Certificate 12A (UK).


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