Review: In Order of Disappearance

A snow plough and a killing rampage should be ingredients for a whole load of fun but somehow revenge in Norway has never felt so…derivative. Its violence, dark humour and austere, snowy climate harks back to Fargo, whilst its gangster facade often reflects Guy Ritchie and its over-the-top vengeful violence clearly nodding to Tarantino. It’s hardly groundbreaking stuff and all its influences clearly do these things so much better, yet “Scandinavian noir” is the thing at the moment thus In Order of Disappearance will probably be awarded more credence than it deserves.

Stellan Skarsgård plays Nils Dickman (whose name is responsible for much of the film’s infantile humour), a Norwegian snowplough driver. His son gets murdered when innocently caught up in a double crossing involving a drug gang and Nils suspects foul play, opting to go on a murderous rampage to enact revenge, despite there being little evidence from what we know about the character that he’d be capable of such extreme actions. As each victim is knocked off, a title screen appears giving their name and religious denomination, an irksome little detail which gets tiring quickly, alluding to ambitions of grandeur and catharsis the film does not reach. The main saving grace from the misfiring humour and repetitiveness of the killings comes from Pål Sverre Valheim as a vegan gangster struggling to get access to his kid. Overall its grim tone comes across dull, not living up to its premise, feeling an awful lot longer than it is.

In Order of Disappearance is out now in the UK. Running time 116 mins. Certificate 15 (UK).

Rating: 2/5

Review by David Rank


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