Review: Gravity 3D

Alfonso Cuarón proves that Life of Pi was not a one off and that there is hope for 3D after all. Gravity is a visually immersive spectacle, light on story but heavy on wonder. Sandra Bullock plays a medical engineer on her first space shuttle expedition alongside a veteran astronaut played by George Clooney. Both become marooned in space following a chain reaction caused by a Russian missile strike, leaving them desperately clinging on to anything in the deficiency of the film’s eponymous force.

Director Alfonso Cuarón truly does something new with cinema, creating effects which are beyond what I thought were possible and he handles them like someone in love with his creation. Lengthy shots provide a uniquely immersive sensation, in fact it must be about 20 minutes before the film’s first cut. While the dialogue and story will leave you pining for the tension wrapped Apollo 13 (incidentally the first ‘grown up film’ I really fell in love with), Gravity is an innovative piece of cinema which makes you amazed with what can be filmed and leaves you with a real wonder for what might possibly be possible.

Review by David Rank

Rating: 4/5

Gravity 3D is out now in the UK and the US . Running time 91 mins. Certificate 12A (UK).


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