Review: Powder Room

If Powder Room proves one thing, it’s that comedies starring entirely women can be every bit as crude and obnoxious as their chauvinistic counterparts. Taking place mainly inside a women’s night club toilet, Powder Room constitutes 90 minutes of women weeing and a script with the sort of quality which reflects its subject matter. It’s based on a play (When Women Wee) and showcases everything that’s depressing about modern existence in the name of ‘comedy’, from toilet mirror photos (#selfie) to the hilarious art of stealing people’s drinks. Maybe there’s something to be said about women being allowed to be as gross as men, but that’s still no excuse for something relentlessly unpleasant and some really forced, unconvincing performances, not least from the cringeworthy Sheridan Smith.

One interesting part of the film is the silent, middle aged, African toilet attendant made to endure all these women’s annoying First World Problems, while being ignored in the corner as if she doesn’t exist, let alone receive any measly tips. Despite earning the best part of £1.32 for a soul-destroying night’s work, the payoff for her character (SPOILER) ends up being a dance number. It doesn’t quite add up. With all the other characters reduced to archetypes such as ‘the slut’ and ‘the bitches’, can Powder Room really be happy about what it does for women’s expression? One thing I am sure about – it’s themes of piss and vomit make the one-line reviews far too easy.

Review by David Rank

MFR Rating: 1/5

Powder Room is out on 6th December in the UK . Running time 86 mins. Certificate 15 (UK).



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