Review: Girl Most Likely

Sometimes these sorts of post-Jennifer Anniston rom-coms can be so bad, possibly offensive, that they really can conjure intense feelings of disgust. Girl Most Likely doesn’t even manage that, it’s just plagued by a flaccid, witless script making it another dull, paint-by-numbers job. Kristen Wiig plays Imogene, a once supposedly up-and-coming playwright who shows little chance of ever really showing much promise at anything. At the start of the film she stages a suicide to win back her ex, only to end up back in the household of her annoyingly outlandish family. Actually when I say the film doesn’t even manage to be offensive it does kick off with a frivolously handled suicide attempt so maybe I spoke too soon. There’s a couple strange subplots, one of which involves Imogene’s brother (Christopher Fitzgerald) and his creation of a fibreglass mollusk shell to protect himself from the world, which may have been a nifty eccentricity in softer hands.

Review by David Rank


Girl Most Likely is out now in the UK. Running time 103 mins. Certificate 12A (UK).


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