Review: The Internship

The Internship succeeds in feeling like hours of laborious, unpaid labour as time is filled up with something worthless  – so perhaps it gets its tone spot on. In truth, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn deliver laughs sparingly in this middle-of-the-road outing between two middle aged, down-on-their-luck salesmen who attempt a career change and end up receiving an internship at Google. There are scenarios that could have been funny, such as the interview which landed them the gig, but such moments are wasted. The company set their interns a series of challenges with the winning team guaranteed a full time job at the end of it. Wilson and Vaughn find themselves in a team of misfits, teaching the their bleary-eyed young colleagues two valuable lessons: technology needs a human touch and why not try a shot of tequila? That’s the film’s message in a nutshell and unfortunately, it’s not particularly interesting or amusing.

The film paints its characters in broad strokes: its young people are cardboard cutout arseholes, Google are gods (hmmmm) and Wilson and Vaughn are a pair of goofballs who come good in the end. With a 12a certificate, it’s generally inoffensive stuff (bar one or two typically crude racial stereotypes) but the laughs are virtually non-existent and the sniggers infrequent. Apparently no money was exchanged between the movie and Google in the film’s production, yet they worked closely together in order to present the firm accurately, which fortunately happens to be flattering and idyllic. From one perspective, it’s a lengthy commercial masquerading loosely behind a generic comedy script. From another, it’s a subpar effort from Wilson and Vaughn, two men who are no strangers to subpar efforts, going through the same shtick yet again. It’s a tedious two hours which proves even our crappy movies aren’t safe from Google’s all-powerful reach. Is nothing sacred?

The Internship is out now in the US and out on 4th July in the UK. Running time 119 mins. Certificate 12A (UK).



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