Review: I’m So Excited (Los amantes pasajeros)

Pedro Almodóvar’s smutty Spanish comedy either loses something in translation or doesn’t have much to begin with, apart from a brightly designed aeroplane interior. I’m So Excited seems more in love with itself than with its audience’s satisfaction, mixing camp and screwball comedy to produce a tedious 90 minutes which rarely sparks more than the faintest of twinkles in its eye.

A technical failure causes a plane to remain stranded, circling mid-air as the flight crew scramble for a solution. As they wait to find an available airport to instigate a crash landing, they become sidetracked by trying to forget their personal problems and instead endeavor to enjoy themselves in a flurry of alcohol, drugs and sex, living life while they can. A promising premise descends into irreverent sex and farce but unfortunately it’s more tiresome than hilarious. Its premise and characters hold potential and could have been used for so much more if it wasn’t so overwhelmed with non-stop sluggish and puerile sex gags which don’t find the rhythm or quirkiness the film thinks it has discovered. During the moments when the film descends from the aeroplane and back onto land it really loses its track, making it a properly untidy experience. It seems unlikely that I’m So Excited would receive any sort of attention if it was not from Almodóvar’s, nor if it was in English. Airplane!, this most definitely, definitely is not.

Review by David Rank


I’m So Excited is released on 3rd May in the UK. Running time 90 mins. Certificate 15 (UK).

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