Review: Identity Thief

Posing as a comedy, Identity Thief steals time and oxygen. Unforgivably awful but depressingly standard fare, it’s lazy, abrasive script and overall careless demeanor is another frustrating indictment of a post-Adam Sandler universe, where we all accept and apparently enjoy insultingly stupid rubbish, whilst stuffing faces with the greasiest of greasy popcorn.

Nothing about the film makes any sort of sense causing its comedic foundations to be built upon disintegrated eggshells. Accountant Sandy Peterson (Jason Bateman) apparently doesn’t realise it’s not a good idea to give away his personal details over the phone (it’s not like his profession revolves around caution over such issues), leading to a thoroughly unpleasant woman (Melissa McCarthey) stealing his identity. She’s completely repulsive, matching the film’s odious soundtrack. Because the police decide there’s nothing they can do (really?), Sandy comes up with an absurd plan to travel to Miami and apprehend this slob himself… and comedy allegedly ensues.

Without a single laugh, Identity Thief is simply offensive because of its laziness. It supposes no one will care how little it tries, plunging to a miserable mess. Its unlikeable characters and overriding abrasive nature produces an ugly, vacuum of charm. It clocks in at a turgid 111 minutes and each one which can never be reclaimed. Worst of all, it just smirks at you, smugly.

Review by David Rank


Identity Thief is released on 8th March in the US and 22nd March in the UK. Certificate 15 (UK). Running time 111 mins.

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