Review: Robot and Frank

Set in the near future, Robot and Frank is an offbeat sci-fi buddy comedy about a dementia suffering ex-con, Frank (Frank Langella), and his robot side kick purchased by Frank’s son to try and help him get by. Instead, Frank decides to use the robot to help him carry out a final heist as an old dog gets up to the same old tricks. Its slow pacing and eccentricity perhaps wasn’t the best concoction for my tired eyes which struggled to remain open during its admirably brief 88 minute running time. Langella provides such a deadpan presence and I didn’t think the film made the most out of the possible comedy, nor were there any really memorable one-liners which could have been a product of such a smart setup. It’s an interesting but ultimately monotonous experiment between genres which can be applauded for trying to be inventive even if it fails to really come alive.

Review by David Rank


Robot and Frank is released on 8th March in the UK and US. Certificate 12A (UK). Running time 89 mins.

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