Review: Arbitrage

Thankfully, Arbitrage is a little more compulsive than the dense financial term which gives it its name. Richard Gere provides a rich performance as a suave, morally bankrupt hedge fund manager, along with Susan Sarandon playing his wife, both of which holds together an otherwise ordinary drama. It meanders in the middle and unlike the tour de force that was last year’s Margin Call, Arbitrage provides few revelations about the world of finance. It’s often unforgiving to its audience, littered with financial jargon which will no doubt pulsate on the theatres around Wall Street even if it leaves the rest of us rather cold. The ending feels satisfying enough and altogether it’s a good effort and far from the worst drama you’ll see.

Review by David Rank


Arbitrage is released on 1st March in the UK. Certificate 15 (UK). Running time 107 mins.

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