Review: A Good Day To Die Hard

Let’s be honest, if a new Die Hard film was anything less than big and stupid we might be disappointed. Following on from a past few weeks which has seen aging action heroes Schwarzenegger and Stalone release mediocre flicks fueled by 80s nostalgia, it’s now Bruce Willis’s turn to churn out yet another installment in his much loved, irreverent shoot-em-up series. A Good Day To Die Hard is absolutely unrelenting, action set piece piled upon action set piece with its sub-Cold War plot of Russian bad guys shifted to an irrelevance.

To its credits, the 97 minute running time breezes by but I nevertheless wonder how much of that I spent thinking about things besides the movie, which is tirelessly run-of-the-mill in its gung-ho exuberance. The cleverest thing about it is its tongue-in-cheek Valentine’s Day release date. It might not disappoint those who merely crave big guns and a father and son effortlessly surviving gigantic falls out of tall buildings while learning a bit more about each other, but that’s still little excuse for its lack of genuine effort. Everything about it feels quick, with little more than a single brain cell anywhere near it.

Review by David Rank


A Good Day To Die Hard is out now in the UK and US. Certificate 12a (UK). Running time 97 mins.

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