Review: Hitchcock

In my opinion, Psycho is Alfred Hitchcock’s finest couple of hours. Its production becomes the subject of the latest biopic based on the life of the much proclaimed ‘Master of Suspense’, with Anthony Hopkins filling out every inch of his considerable trousers. Never for a second do you believe you are seeing anything less than the real man and his cantankerous and demanding demeanor, along with that of his much maligned wife, Alma (Helen Mirren). The relationship between the two is perhaps where the film is strongest, causing the nitty gritty of the Psycho production to feel more like a sideshow because we all know that while it might have been a struggle, it ends up being quite the success in the end. Hitchcock is engaging because it’s obviously so well observed but unfortunately by the conclusion, it leaves a sense that you’re not quite sure what the whole point of it is because it says little that even those with little exposure to the man won’t already know. It feels like an honest reflection on the man even if it’s not a film that will require much revisiting.

Review by David Rank


Hitchcock is released on 8th February in the UK. Certificate 12a (UK). Running time 98 mins.

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