Review: The Last Stand

If you go into The Last Stand with the lowest possible expectations then it’s certainly possible to enjoy its 80s action throwback and tongue-in-cheek one liners. It’s every inch the vehicle for the post-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to restart his action-hero career from exactly where he left off, playing his first leading role in a decade and feeling a little bit more geriatric but still very much the same old ‘Arnie’. He plays a sheriff unexpectedly charged with defending his small from an escaped, unstoppable drug cartel boss trying to cross the Mexican border. As you’d expect, it’s stupid and utterly uninvented without anything really going for it except the nostalgia audiences apparently crave. That said, I was only rarely bored, even if ‘entertained’ might be going too far. If The Expendables 1 and 2 weren’t enough and you lust for more of the same sort of nostalgia, then you can’t go wrong. It really could be worse.

Review by David Rank


The Last Stand is released on 24th January in the UK. Certificate 15 (UK). Running time 107 mins.

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