Review: Wreck-It Ralph 3D

As someone with a particular aversion to video games (with the exception of a little bit of FIFA and a Pacman habit), Wreck-It Ralph still holds strong as a perfectly amiable sub-Toy Story animation. Instead of toys coming to life we have video game characters, with the story centring on arcade game ‘bad guy’ Wreck-It Ralph trying to prove that he is a nice guy and that wrecking things is really just his job, after all. All the little details explaining how the world works are terrifically observed but half way through the movie it does lose the creativity of the first half and gets rather bogged down in constant action set-pieces within a tiresome ‘Sugar Rush’ game (where everything is made of candy). Ralph’s adversary/colleague Felix Jnr is also a bit of a bore when there was plenty of scope for more humour. Nevertheless, Disney have made an effort to produce a film which will entertain between generations. It does have charm and the central character of Ralph is nicely developed. It might not be Toy Story, but what is? There’s also a most lovely little Disney short at the beginning.

Review by David Rank


Wreck-It Ralph is released on 8th February in the UK. Certificate PG (UK). Running time 108 mins.

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