Review: The Hunt

The Hunt continues a golden age of Danish drama in unflinching style, telling the convincing, true to life story of Lucas (Mads Mikklesen), a male infant school teacher, wrongly accused of child sexual abuse by a confused young pupil, the daughter of his best friend.

Leading questions and scared, gossiping parents inevitably escalate the issue leaving Lucas with very few allies and his life utterly distraught in his small town, not to mention his own personal safety and the well being of his family who come under attack.

The film portrays the victims of sensationalism and the perils of a mob mentality through a powerful, realistic and well paced escalation. It is brilliantly acted and Mikkelsen does tremendously well throughout, constantly being thrown into difficult scenes and treading the delicate balance of someone falsely accused but unable to prove innocence, being forced to put on a stoic persona throughout being victimised. It’s a bold film which writer and director Thomas Vinterberg manages to make both poignant and chilling, acting as a harsh mirror against modern society.

Review by David Rank


The Hunt is out on 30th November in the UK. Certificate 15 (UK). Running time 106 mins.

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