Review: Stitches

Stitches is a watchable but unremarkable comedy-horror, with the tone kept too light for it to feel particularly funny or horrifying, despite the relentless blood splattering and a few inventive kills. At a children’s birthday party, Stitches the clown is accidentally impaled on the cutlery rack of the dishwasher, leading him to rise from the dead to get revenge on the children years later, now teenagers. Despite the 18 certificate, the humour is aimed at the American Pie audience or perhaps akin to a tame episode of The Inbetweeners and does little but raise a couple of weak smiles. It feels like it far outlives itself, despite the short running time. While a lot of us find clowns sinister to some degree, Stitches doesn’t do enough to tap into such fears but instead fizzles out into a passable, silly, straight-to-DVD slasher romp.

Review by David Rank


Stitches is out now in the UK. Certificate 18 (UK). Running time 86 mins.

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