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The Knot equals another damning indictment on the western world’s failed educational system, with characters so vacuous and a script so utterly devoid of even the most basic literary awareness that I could only feel pity. I felt pity for the (presumably) coordinated fingers that forged this drivel but felt even more sorry for those few who laughed, surely the same sort of people who listen to that new Ed Sheeran song on the way to Nando’s and unironically say ‘lol’ in everyday conversation. My own prejudices aside, The Knot is a charisma sapping, lousy and a completely hopeless case of a British comedy-romance which struggles to find a bright spark in its wasteland of brain cells and comedic grasp.

It’s a “comedy”-of-errors wedding movie, derivative of thousands upon thousands of similar efforts but with added “gross out” which even a baby would label too childish. Oh, he’s just done a poo. “Lol”, his head’s just been accidentally pushed into the toilet. A half dozen nonsensical character relationships get thrown into the mix, making absolutely no sense and then tossed by the wayside, or worse still we’re somehow meant to empathise with a relationship which has been crudely developed in a poorly written 30 second scene. It’s bizarrely got an added ‘mockumentary’ feature, presumably in a desperate attempt to provide the film with something ever so slightly edgy, it’s just a shame the ‘mockumentary’ is not only becoming one of the most tripe and overused dramatic conventions but it’s done cheesily and feels completely superfluous. Written and co-starring Noel Clarke, sadly on this evidence, a career once looking young and bright is already only going one way. Stare into the eyes of this film, and all you see is emptiness.

Review by David Rank


The Knot is out on 5th October in the UK. Certificate 15 (UK). Running time 92 mins.

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2 thoughts on “Review: The Knot

  1. Wow, what a nasty review more so reviewer. You couldn’t be any more stuck up if you tried. Perhaps the film was written for the Ed Sheerhan (No 1 album) Nandos eating (Global Franchise) public. The working classes make up over 80% of the 62.5 million people in the UK. You seem to be an elitist and are upset Hugh Grant isn’t appearing in the movie. Baring in mind you’re a reviewer you don’t even know who directed the film. How do you expect to be taken seriously?

    I saw a screening earlier this evening and most if not all of the audience laughed out loud through the entire film. I dare say you do not have the peoples view, I found it extremely entertaining. It clearly doesn’t have the budget of other films in this genre and yet does exactly what it says on the tin. (That’s a working class reference to a tv advert) it’s charming and doesn’t try to be more than it is. It’s laddish and cheeky, silly and sweet. Don’t go expecting lots of character development and subplots, go and laugh and enjoy yourself because it was quite simply Fun.

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