Review: Sinister

Yet another generic haunted house movie, full of cheap jumps and few ideas, littered with all the conventions of the genre and very little originality. Eillison (Ethan Hawke) is a true crime writer who’s moved his family to a new neighbourhood and a new house with a rather horrible history which is unbeknown to his family and he wants to investigate it for his next book. Ellison’s discoveries lead him on a supernatural scare which does little to relieve the tedium for the audience. It’s boring and plodding. At two points when I was already close to drifting off someone thought it would be fun for the protaganist to Skype a university professor and have a 5 minute chat about cult gobbledegook.

It’s sloppy, uncinematic and it’s been done a million times and this adds nothing new to the formula – person walking around a haunted house only for big jumps and loud musical thuds to lurk behind corners and half the time…oh it’s a false alarm. Supernatural reveals are incredibly dull and lazily written. It seems like no one is particularly fussed as long as the film ticks boxes and makes it’s money. Oh, and let’s make the last second of the movie the most predictable thing imaginable. So lazy. If it wasn’t for Ethan Hawkes’s decent performance, I really might have nodded off.

Review by David Rank


Sinister is out on 5th October in the UK and US. Certificate 15 (UK). Running time 110 mins.

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