Review: Prometheus 3D

MFR Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Is it a prequel? Isn’t it a prequel? Frankly, it doesn’t really matter. Prometheus stands up as its own movie while clearly existing in the same universe as its mother, Alien. It takes on some of the same concepts and throws in a load of its own ideas to explore and have fun with. It quite simply works as a very good piece of ideas-driven sci-fi, which looks stunning and plays out not without fault, but always with boldness and style.

There’s little reason to give much away as it’s the kind of film you need to explore for yourself. Set at the end of the 21st century, Prometheus deals with the small themes of man’s quest to explore and understand our creation. Boasting a cast oozing with talent (Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba to name a few), Prometheus opens with a beautiful, brilliant sequence of a human-like alien arriving on earth. As we get to grips with the world in the first 30-40 minutes of the film it feels really fantastic and although the level of intensity and intrigue isn’t maintained entirely, for a large proportion of the film if it doesn’t look breathtaking, it feels gripping, often chilling. Ridley Scott really does take the best from what made the first Alien film so good whilst also expanding and creating such a vast, imaginative world which is still made to feel horribly claustrophobic and unknown.

Alright, so its themes may be massive but admittedly there’s nothing hugely groundbreaking about Prometheus. It takes very clear influence from its own predecessors in the series, particularly Alien while also reminding me quite a bit of something like Danny Boyle’s Sunshine (which no doubt was influenced by Alien itself). It just proves once more that there is no need to go down to the lowest common denominator to make a cracking sci-fi blockbuster. Ambitious and chilling, and I’m already anticipating a sequel.

Prometheus is out now in the UK and out on June 8th in the US. Running time 124 mins. Certificate 15 (UK).

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Review by David Rank


5 thoughts on “Review: Prometheus 3D

  1. Hey David, Laurence’s girlfriend here. I am not a massive fan of Alien- actually, the first time I saw it was the same day I went to see Prometheus. Rather obviously, I thought Alien was amazing… (duh).
    However, I really didn’t like Prometheus. In fact, I hated it.
    I thought it was a crowded (too many cooks spoil the soup, and too many characters are hard to keep track of. Plus none of them behaved like a proper crew would, i.e. obediently. They were all too wrapped up with being annoying, pissed off “independent thinkers” with “interesting and different” personalities),
    faith-based (why do we need to have a maker? Why? Why make this religious? It’s sci-fi, leave religion out of it! Trying to make the “alien = creator” idea sound opposed to Christianity is just a basic ploy to appease atheists/alternative thinkers etc.),
    illogical (just… see the video Laurence said he’d post in his comment)
    and basically (excuse my french) a very shitty attempt to remake Alien and reproduce its success (I know, they marketed themselves as a prequel… Yeah right. The similar plot schemes and “styles”- like the message sent into space at the end- were contrived and annoying).
    Finally, I don’t know whether Laurence’s comment is anything like mine (as he’s writing it at the same time as I type these words), but I hope our wrathful onslaught doesn’t hurt your feelings too much. Hell, you have a film critique blog, you must be thick-skinned by now.
    Hope to meet you soon! 🙂 xx

  2. Hey David, Laurence here, I am a massive fan of Alien, and I have major issues with Prometheus. First of all, Damon Lindelof. Lost always had massive potential, and admittedly did handle some aspects of its plot interestingly, but was let down by stupid characters, who always acted to advance the plot, not in a realistic manner, usually rendering them unbelievable. The same is true of Prometheus. Quite simply, they do not act like a crew. For example, the captain wandering off to have sex, leaving someone to die, only served to conveniently remove baggage characters and give cheap scares and trailer fodder. It is too unbelievable to even occur. Everyone wanders around to do their own thing, would they not need permission to perform even the smallest action. This goes against what made Alien so fantastic. The characters were truckers in space. They followed orders and behaved like a crew. For half the movie they were talking about their shares of the pay, and trajectories of descent to the planet, it felt real, and crucially lacked that Hollywood sheen.They were sweaty, ugly and dirty. They were fully developed characters, we all understood who they were and what their intentions were. In Prometheus, most of the characters only served to advance the plot.

    If anything, this is just another example of the Hollywood system fucking up a promising film. This was never intended to be tied to the Alien franchise, it was originally going to be about the origins of humanity. But with such a big budget, studios needed something they could rely upon to fill seats, as is so often the case, with a staggering amount of major Hollywood films being remakes. Ridley Scott was forced to tie in the film to the Alien franchise. Another way this messed up the film is the appalling ending. Sure, I expect Superhero films to blatantly set up for a sequel, it is in the nature of the genre, but not only for Ridley Scott, but an Alien Prequel/Remake whatever, to do the same is disappointing to say the least, and returns to the bullshit character development of the film. After going through a truly harrowing experience, Shaw just decides to wander off to the Home world of the very creatures that tried to exterminate the Human race. Excuse my tactful reference, but that is like a Jewish person moving to Germany in 1939.

    Alien was always about survival, in the first three alien films (I think we can consider Alien Resurrection non canon) Ripley and the surrounding expendables were only trying to survive the horrific events inflicted on them, apart from the front end of Aliens, which developed Ripley’s return to LV-426 in a realistic or even simply clear manner. That is the Problem with Prometheus, there is no clarity, this Red Letter Media video neatly sums up the multitude of plot holes with Prometheus.

  3. Fuuuuuuuuuuck just wrote a really detailed 500 word response only for it to delete itself…gutted. Thanks for your comments though. Argh that’s so annoying. You both made some really interesting points and I hate leaving the discussion empty but don’t have the energy to type up everything again. Sums up my day. Goodnight and hope to see you both in London soon to talk about the film!!

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