Review: Casa de mi Padre

MFR Rating: ★ ★
A Spanish language, parody of a Mexican soap opera with a little but of violence and a whole lot of absurdist humour thrown in may not be much to get those pulses racing to the cinema, but if we throw in a whole lot of Will Ferrell playing a Mexican cowboy then we might have a different story. I’m not quite sure why, but people love Will Ferrell and fair play to him for making the bold choice to take on a Spanish speaking role, especially when you bear in mind the fact that he doesn’t actually speak the language but learned enough to deliver the lines. However, he’s far from out of his comfort zone, playing a stupid character doing stupid things. The main joke is it’s Will Ferrell playing a Mexican. If you think you’ll find that funny then maybe it’s for you. It’s a bizarre, oddball of a film which is very difficult to pigeonhole but most importantly – I didn’t laugh. There’s something interesting about its comedic experimentation but as quirky and absurd as it is, and I’m sure Ferrell had a great time making it, for me it fell rather flat and it just seemed like it was trying far too hard to be silly. Ultimately, I just felt perplexed.

Casa de mi Padre is out on 8th June in the UK. Running time 84 mins. Certificate 15 (UK).

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Review by David Rank


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