Review: This Means War

MFR Rating: ★ ★ ★
Two offensively handsome male leads chasing after an attractive blonde, Reese Witherspoon with outrageous antics sparking their macho pursuit. It’s not particularly groundbreaking and it’s not in the least bit innovative but it does at least pass the time with its full on ridiculous action.

This Means War is part action film, part rom-com, maybe trying a little too hard to capture a complete market but nevertheless quite satisfying, if not exactly charming. It stars Chris Pine and Tom Hardy as two bachelor CIA agents. The film starts with full on action thrills and spills before they both try to capture the same girl they accidentally encounter in their civilian lives. From then on their day jobs get brushed aside and they target all their energies on trying to win the affections of Lauren, using the skills and weapons of their job as agents in their pursuits. They inappropriately exploit their position with hilarious (or at least occasionally mildly amusing) consequences. There are foreign sounding bad guys as well who seem to want to kill the agents, but that’s not particularly important.

Really, the plot is minimal and the film is driven by some slick production and some cool looking frontmen. They have their charm, Hardy particularly especially as he’s allowed to just use his natural British accent, although I didn’t feel Pine was feeling particularly comfortable with comedy. I did think the language was a little bit sexually explicit for a 12a so a warning to parents.

There are actually a few laughs, something that takes some persuading for me and I’ve got to say – that paint-balling scene was pretty darn great. It’s not a film you need to rush out to see but if you find yourself in the cinema, it’s escapist enough for the seconds to tick by.

This Mean War is out now in the US and on 2nd March in the US. Running time 97 mins. Certificate 12a (UK).

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Review by David Rank

One thing I must mention, and something that won’t bother many but the soundtrack features a completely undeserving use of Explosions in the Sky, something in my book is rather unforgivable.


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