Review: Titanic 3D

James Cameron’s noble creative pursuit to prove to the world the importance, the future of three dimensional cinema has found fresh water. Just like Rose’s heart, the box office revenue (already at $2bn) must go on and on. Oh, but this is the man who gave us the visually spectacular (if narratively turgid) Avatar a few years ago. Surely if anyone know what they are doing with this technology it is the maestro himself? If you believe the talk, Cameron went and retro fitted the world’s most beloved film, Titanic all by himself, pouring every ounce of care into ensuring his film looked marvelous for a 2012 audience. At last I’m able to appreciate the same film but with 30% colour loss, alienating rendering and the equally alienating feel of wearing 3D glasses over my spectacles. As you might imagine, it’s utterly unnecessary. I wish I had the time to review the entire film, because I hadn’t seen it since I was about 12 and now that I’m older I realize just how bloated and exhaustively forced it is. 11 Oscars? Righteo. But if you loved it, you’ll almost certainly still love it in 3D. It just adds nothing, predictively.


2 thoughts on “Review: Titanic 3D

  1. TITANIC (3D or not) = A movie that brings me back in time and hits me with an emotional rollarcoaster that I’ll always remember. The music, the effects, the story as a whole from beginning to end. While some will have their issues with the exploitation of the event, or the apparent “love story” in the film, I will forever remember the realistic, dramatic qualities that make up such an amazing movie.

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