Review: Red Dog

MFR Rating: ★
I didn’t know anything about Red Dog going into it and was rather surprised to see a cinema full of kids and maybe not entirely surprisingly it proved to be a fluffy animal movie and unfortunately one that’s utterly insipid.

Red Dog is the story of a Union in Australi,a who adopt a red dog and spend the whole movie telling stories about how amazing this red dog is. It’s the bestest. most wonderful, most loyal, most clever dog ever. IT’S SO BLOODY AMAZING. That’s the film right there. Great dog, amazing dog, ad nauseum.

The film is completely tedious froth, trying to bring the dog lovers to tears with an inane lack of originality or anything vaguely resembling story besides the wonderful nature of this dog. This dog causes people to fall in love, saves people from shark attacks and is the centre of everyone’s universe. Sure, it’s a cute dog, but the whole idea is so sickly sweet it made me fall asleep.

I’m sure this film has its audience, but personally, not for me. Apparently it’s a true story. I’m struggling to care less.

Red Dog is out on 24th February in the UK. Running time 92 mins. Certificate PG.

Review by David Rank


4 thoughts on “Review: Red Dog

  1. I was curiously searching through the reviews to see if there was at least one idiot that gave this fantastic film a negative review…yep I found one. Moron.

  2. ‘getbent’

    Couldn’t you use your IT lessons a little more productively and look at porn or something?

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