November: MFR’s Month in Review

Another record breaking month of visits so thanks so much to anyone who’s ever read any of my ramblings! I really enjoy writing this blog and I hope some people might find it interesting and helpful too.

First of all, Harry Riedl has been working very busily contributing with his Retrospective column so please be sure to check out all of his latest reviews on About a Boy, Un Coeur en Hiver, In Bruges and The Damned United right here. 

As far as new releases go, I haven’t spent much time away from the cinema in an effort to provide a one man band covering as much as possible! I love it, I really do. Growing up I was never a huge cinema fan but these days I start to feel all anxious if I haven’t been to see a movie in a couple of days, hence my disappointment this evening when no bus arrived so I couldn’t see Moneyball, but I look forward to putting that right when I have a chance in the next few days.

The first new release I saw was a new DVD release that I missed when it was first on in the cinema but managed to catch up through the university film society showing it on the big screen. Attack the Block was a wonderful raucous and entertaining movie, which proved to be a shock hit in America but I can understand its appeal across the Atlantic.

I then saw the Sigur Ros film Inni at the lovely Broadway cinema in Nottingham. Certainly a specialized release and something mainly for fans of the Icelandic post-rockers, but there’s a reason they’re arguably the greatest and most creative band of the decade and this film showcases why.

The same night I saw Weekend, an ultra realistic gay romance taking the place over a…yeah you guessed it – a weekend. This was a fantastic piece of British film-making and explores lots of contemporary issues but fundamentally remains the story of these two guys and their short time together. It’s great to see it did pretty well despite the limited release.

Then we have The Ides of March, a film I’m a little sick of thinking about after doing a university presentation on the subject for my ‘Fictionalised Politics’ module, basically a good way to pretend to be a politics students while watching loads of movies and TV. It’s a tough life having to watch 60 episodes of The Wire and consider it work but someone’s gotta do it you know! Anyway, I’ve got to admit I probably slightly overrated Ides of March in my original review on reflection. A four star review would have sufficed, but that being said, it’s an excellent piece of political drama.

Then we move on to Immortals 3D which was dreadful in every way you might expect and Trespass, a Nicholas Cage film with very little going for it which couldn’t wait to get out of the cinema and be put onto DVD. I heard it was the quickest ever cinema to DVD release in the States – you can see why!

I really wanted to like 50/50 but found it neither funny nor sentimental enough so it got a slightly harsh 2 stars. In Time caught me at exactly the right time so I got to enjoy a bit of frivolous, dystopian escapism. Arthur Christmas had touches of magic but couldn’t quite see it through and Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is bang on what you expect going into it. If you’re a Twihard, you’ll love it as much as you love the rest of Twilight, if you’re a Twidenier you’ll hate it with all your guts and if you’re someone like me who tries to like it (a Twier) and feels casually invested but really knows they’ve gone downhill since the first one, you’ll get what you expect.

Take Shelter is undeniably great film-making but just suffers from feeling a little too drawn out and occasionally tedious, unlike My Week With Marilyn which is enchanting throughout. Dream House is essentially Daniel Craig doing a b-movie which is so bad even the director wants his name off it.

There you have it folks, another month done. Look out for reviews of Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked 3D (I literally cannot wait), Moneyball, Hugo (in 3D unless I can avoid it), Red Dog and certainly much more in the coming days. Who cares about coursework deadlines when there are movies to catch! Take care.

  • Worst Movie of the Month: Immortals 3D
  • Disappointment of the Month: 50/50
  • Surprise of the Month: Attack the Block
  • Movie of the Month: The Ides of March

What’s the best film you’ve seen this month? Share in the replies.

By David Rank


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