A Rant Against the Evil That is Cineworld

I didn’t have the best of days but looked forward to an evening movie at my local Cineworld to take my mind off things. Snowtown sounded really interesting, apparently an Australian horror with an unnerving level of realism and I was looking forward to letting readers know what I thought. Fantastic, 21.20 screening, get on the bus, arrive at the cinema, hand over my complimentary voucher (provided from the last time they messed up) and see an interesting film. Adverts play, title screen, David Cooke and Quentin Thomas sign the screen and then…BAM. System crashes, eventually someone comes in to tell us it will be fixed in a couple minutes…10 minutes pass and we’re told to go home.

Personally I blame digital projection but that’s another rant. We get a complimentary voucher each (in my case replacing a complimentary voucher) but what about everyone’s time and travel? “Nothing we can do”. Oh, and this is the last screening of Snowtown so I’ll never actually be able to see it. Thank you very much. “Nothing we can do”. Ruin my evening, again and nothing you can do. How many times do I have to turn up to a Cineworld until they can project a film for me? How many times? How much time and travel must I expend? Useless company. Absolutely useless.

Twitter: #boycottcineworld

UPDATE 29/11/11: Cineworld have replied offering me a free ‘popcorn/drink combo’. As someone who abides by the Wittertainment Code of Conduct, not to mention the fact I consider all my time and wasted journeys more valuable than the 6.5p it costs to make the disgusting snack (and I’ve never drunk a sweet fizzy drink in my life, true story), I have rejected this less than generous offer. Surely a free ticket would be a nice way for them to prove they can actually project films properly and maybe they can recapture my patronage. You won’t get rid of me that easily, Cineworld.


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