Review: Sigur Ros – Inni

I’m a huge fan of the music of Sigur Ros music and if you’re not then either start listening or there’s something very  wrong with you. Their untitled album (known as “( )”) is one of the most beautiful pieces of music created this century in its ethereal and uniquely textured beauty, although really the same can be said for most of their work.

Their first film, Heima, was  a tourist board’s dream, merging their organic soundscapes with the natural wonders of Iceland. One can only shudder at the country’s economic woes if it wasn’t for the efforts of its most glorious export. Iceland’s got a lot to feel happy about.

Inni is a very different type of tour film than Heima, filmed solely at a gig I happened to attend at Alexandra Palace back in 2008. It’s shot in jarring black and white, letting the contrast supplement the music. It does feel rather introspective, focussing mainly on capturing every detail on stage with only cursory moments appreciating the enormity of the space those sounds are filling. This works well as the sound’s gravitas is all too obvious. The film is punctuated only by little archive snippets highlighting the band’s extremely dry sense of humour as the band rattle through tracks with the unexplainable emotional weight of a thunderstorm.

The lighting is beautiful, the music is beautiful, and it all blends together beautifully. Sigur Ros went on hiatus shortly after this gig was recorded but the world needs them back. They’re rather special.

Review by David Rank

Check here to see if Inni is playing in your city. The live DVD/album is out on 7th November.


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