October: MFR’s Month in Review

October has been a busy month with 16 films reviewed on MovieFilmReviews. It began with the remarkably pretentious  Melancholia, followed up by the surprisingly enjoyable Footloose (yes, 4 stars, I think all the critics must have been watching a different film to me). Machine Gun Preacher was utterly unconvincing with its well intentioned message that couldn’t have felt felt much more sour and I fully expect it to flop at the box office. Real Steal could have been worse but ultimately a contrived story about robots hitting each other with a Hollywood flavour of sentimentality.

The Help was well intentioned but avoided being sickly thanks to an entertaining script and some admirable characters. Sure, it could have been more hard hitting but it makes its point while keeping you entertained which is a nice achievement. I finally got around to seeing X-Men First Class on the big screen and it’s probably the superhero film of the year, uncomparably better than Thor 3D and a better storyline than the decent Captain America 3D.

We Need to Talk About Kevin is a film people need to see and talk about. If you’ve not read the book you’re in for something incredibly disturbing, if you have read the book you’ll still be disturbed but also grateful for such a true adaptation. It’s a fantastic piece of film-making.

My good friend Harry reviewed Midnight in Paris which he reports as a bit of an entertaining disappointment which could have been a lot better, even if it is somewhat of a return to form for Woody Allen. Harry also reviewed French cop thriller 36 earlier in the month, a film a few years old which I haven’t seen but sounds like a great piece of cinema.

TinTin 3D was probably the month’s biggest disappointment for me. Some brilliant motion capture animation just not matched by a script which really lets the film down. It’s action packed but ultimately feels unfulfilling and dull with no effort made to develop any of the characters.

Lastly, I had the pleasure of attending Mayhem Horror Festival at the delightful Broadway Cinema in Nottingham over the weekend which kept me very busy. From the 6 films I managed to see Revenge: A Love Story was easily the pick of the bunch, a Hong Kong, gory, revenge thriller which is well paced and a really gritty piece of work. With certain reservations, The Devil’s Business was another film that stood out, a low budget horror set in one location with dialogue not dissimilar to Kill List but in my view, a lot more enjoyable. The Wicker Tree was probably the festival’s biggest disappointment, a re-imagining of the famous The Wicker Man from the same director which just seemed utterly unnecessary. The Awakening is a nice ghost story with a good ambiance which should do rather well when it’s released in 10 days time. Saint and Little Deaths are two more low budget independent horrors which may struggle to find general release.

  • Worst Movie of the Month: Machine Gun Preacher
  • Disappointment of the Month: Tintin 3D
  • Surprise of the Month: Footloose
  • Movie of the Month: We Need to Talk about Kevin

What’s the best film you’ve seen this month? Share in the replies.


3 thoughts on “October: MFR’s Month in Review

  1. I’ve seen 22 films this month and the best new film no doubt is The Help. It will and should do well at the Oscars. Dolphin Tale was really fab too (you can’t go wrong with a cure animal story). I also went down memory lane and saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show again yesterday which is such a fantastic cult film. If you haven’t seen it yet, you must! Worst movie of the month is shared by Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus, which were both simply yawn-inducing. Overrated movie of the month: Martha Marcy May Marlene, seen at the LFF. Surprise of the month: Real Steel which was much better than anticipated, and Midnight in Paris, which is a Woody Allen film I actually liked. Disappointment of the month: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold which could and should have been so much better, as I really rate Morgan Spurlock as a documentary maker. Plus Anonymous, which was such a jumble of a film.

  2. Wow, Beate. 22! Sounds like you’ve seen quite a bit I’ve missed. The Greatest Movie Ever Sold looked interesting but also I imagine once you know the premise, you know the joke, you’ve seen the film. I’d quite like to see Anonymous too if I have time.

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