Review: Little Deaths

MFR Rating: ★ ★

Little Deaths is a nicely titled, nasty little horror anthology full of unpleasant tales and twisted ideas. It’s a compilation of three short films each around 30 minutes long with varying degrees of success.

After seeing The Devil’s Buisness on Friday I was interested to see if I could spot Sean Hogan’s style again. I guessed correctly, and as the end credits rolled the first film was indeed the Hogan’s, a film about a couple who seem to be Christians with goodwill, taking care of the homeless only for their real intentions to seem rather more sinister. This was probably my favourite of the films, if you can call something that ends up so horrid a favourite. It feels like the most intimate story and probably the most sinister but the ending also feels a bit thrown in for the sake of it and entirely misses the tone of the horror that came before.

The second film features a drug addicted woman who finds herself in the midst of a rather horrible science experiment. This is probably the most ambitious story and it falls rather flat, seeming more ridiculous than horrific. Unfortunately the film doesn’t come close to living up to the wonderfully menacing image you can see in the top left.

The final film i about a man in an abusive relationship who despite everything, he just keeps coming back. This is not a film for people with dog phobias and has a rather unpleasant (if telegraphed) vengeful climax. It’s an interesting if somewhat bizarre film, seen through a blue colour filter which doesn’t quite seem necessary.

All these films can in many ways be seen as nastiness for the sake of nastiness. I must admit, there was a lot I didn’t want to like but nevertheless there a few strange, disturbing moments that pull you in, one way or another. Certainly they feel very unpolished and are littered with a few unconvincing actors or the occasional piece of irritating camera work but there’s enough to keep it interesting.

Possibly my main criticism is the lack of apparent thread connecting all the stories. I’m not quite sure what, if anything I should be taking away from it. One thing I do know, Little Deaths was all rather unpleasant. Unpleasant ideas, yes, but not terribly frightening.

Review by David Rank


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